You might be thinking to yourself "hang on a minute, if Pitstop Power® care so much about the environment then why do they use plastic at all?" Well, let us explain...

We know that the planet is teeming with plastic waste, every time we have to throw away a perfectly good container because there is no way to reuse it, we shed a tear.  Plastic has its benefits - it's sturdy, waterproof, portable and most importantly REUSABLE, but most people forget about that last part.  We hope you will buy our stick and then keep REFILLING it with one of our plastic-free refills. Of course, you have the option to buy a refill and use that on its own.

Why don't we use the cardboard push-up deodorant containers that are becoming popular? We personally tried and tested these and they just didn't cut the mustard. After a few weeks not only did they look very yucky, but the deodorant kept disappearing down the tube when we pressed it against our armpits!

So that is our story. We think we have made the best decision to make it easy for you to swap to a healthier, natural deodorant without compromising the ease of applying your deodorant. Please do your bit by using the refills!

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"Just thought I'd say, LOVING the PITSTOP POWER!"

Rebecca, Napier, NZ