Pitstop Power Organic Deodorant

Pitstop Power® - saving the planet one armpit at a time

The wait is over.

You can now confidently switch to a natural deodorant that really works. 

Pitstop Power® is convenient to use AND better for the environment!

Our simple formula contains no nasty chemicals

and moisturises your skin whilst neutralising body odour.

At Pitstop Power® HQ, we care for the planet, and know you do too.

You can keep RE-USING your deodorant container with our

melt-and-pour refill blocks.

Enjoy that 'JUST STEPPED OUT OF THE SHOWER' freshness all day with Pitstop Power®

"This natural deodorant is the business.

While I was working as a gym instructor, where the contract stated that our pits were to stay pristine, I struggled to find a natural product which would cut the sweat. Pitstop Power worked. I could bike into the gym, lead a sweaty yoga class and bike home again, and NO SMELL. It performed better than ANY other deodorant I had come across before, and much better than other natural products. Plus one stick lasts for ages. Five stars"

Kathryn, Dunedin., NZ

Pitstop Power Organic Deodorant